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About Us

CONMORE Inc. was founded in 2017 by partners C&G Developments and Casanova Towing Equipment Inc. Together they developed and executed a solution to transport any unloaded shipping container into unimaginable places existing equipment could not access. Together the Conmore team has over 100 year of combined towing and transportation experience and 50 years of truck assembling/manufacturing experience.


To develop innovative solutions in a conventional container transportation industry; by manufacturing a trailer system designed to transport empty containers, we’re determined to cut down loading/unloading time, reduce labor costs and minimize our carbon footprint.

Lower your labor costs by 30% or more

the game changer

DOT and California Legal

The system gets you to places antiquated approaches couldn't before. It saves on operating costs and insurance coverage costs.

15 Minutes

Load and unload in just 15 minutes. Do more with less and increase your bottom line.

Load, Strap and Roll

The Container Dolly can be easily stored right on top of the bed of the Edge Truck, or attach it to the Brute-XD and tow it.

Minimize Fuel Consumption

Reduce your fuel consumption by 20%.

30ft in Front

Only 30 feet needed in front of container to unload and deliver.

Eliminate Forklifts, Tractors and Trailers

Deliver containers right from the ground with only a single operator. No need for expensive tractor, trailer or forklift. 

control from a distance with a wireless remote control

Trailer System

Whether it's a 20, 40, or 45 ft. storage container "One Trip", the Con-Express Trailer System can handle it all. Have 20 footers to deliver? It can do that too. No forklift at pick-up or drop-off locations, no problem. No need for expensive storage sites when this system can help you deliver from port to on-site locations quickly and efficiently. 

The Edge

A self-sufficient truck capable of hauling and delivering containers right from the ground with only a single operator. No need for an expensive tractor, trailer or forklift. No more space limitations, and the days of needing 100 feet in front of containers for delivery are gone.  Rough terrain? The right 4x4 can get it done with only 30 feet in front of the container for delivery. 

Not only does this unit open up new potential markets that traditional delivery systems could not reach, but it does so while reducing operation costs. No CDL required, cost is less when compared to a tractor, its more fuel efficient and less expensive to insure. 

Container Dolly (CTX1)

The CTX1 is the most capable container trailer developed to handle any container size. Whether it's a 20, 40 or 45-foot container, it only takes one CTX1 to delivery it from the port to the end user, no extra equipment necessary. The CTX1 is engineered tough to handle the transport of any container needed and comes with a 2-year factory warranty.  

When finished you have the option to tow it behind your truck or on top of the stake bed. Transporting two trailers? The CTX1 interlocks with other trailers, making transporting multiple units easy!

The Brute-XD

The Brute Container Lift was designed to handle containers of all sizes with a cross bar rating of 6500lbs. Rest assured, no matter the situation The Brute can power through it.   

  • 40 degrees positive and 30 negative tilt
  • Adaptable to vehicles and containers
  • 6,500 lbs Crossbar rating
  • Wireless Remote
  • 60" reach

operate with only a class c driver's license

before you order

The Edge Truck

We stock, sell, and upfit most brand name commercial vehicles. Whether it's a Ford, Ram, Hino, Freightliner or Pete, when equipped with the Brute and CTX1 can handle containers in places traditional means could not. 

Tight on space? Off-road? 

Class C driver only? That's okay! 

The way we build these trucks you'll wonder how you could have ever done without one.  



1. CTX1: The versatile container trailer to use in combination with the Brute 

2. CTX1G: The versatile container trailer gooseneck application 

The Brute-XD


  • Choose the cab and chassis it will be installed on 
  • Determine the cab to axle measurements (CA)
  • Wheel Base
  • 2WD or 4WD

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